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About Us


Provide the members and guests of the club with an exceptional social, dining and recreational experience at the club’s unique and distinctive setting, on the shores of White Bear Lake.

Preserve the tradition of a family-focused, multi-sport club including yachting, golf, tennis and swimming.

Serve as stewards of the club’s heritage, traditions and physical assets.

Operate in a fiscally prudent manner, and support the activities of state and national organizations dedicated to the stewardship of the sports of golf, tennis and yachting.

Core Values

We strive to be the best in all we commit to doing.
We go out of our way to promote the well being of each person in our club and foster relationships within the greater White Bear community.
We promote transparency through clear, honest and open communication.
We promote and bring families together for lifelong memories.
We exhibit mutual respect among members, management and staff.
Friendships and Lasting Relationships:
We develop and nurture quality relationships through positive everyday interactions with our
members, employees and guests.

Pillars of Excellence

As stated in our vision statement, we will strive for excellence. Below are the most highly ranked
themes or ‘Pillars of Excellence’ we gathered from member feedback. They are framed in a positive tone to reflect member expectations or standards for what White Bear Yacht Club is and should continue to strive for.
Tradition and Heritage:
We are built on a rich history of tradition, a strong heritage and timeless core values. However, this will not prevent us from anticipating our members’ needs and evolving interests. We adopt a
mission statement that is time tested and resonates with members about who we are and who we
want to be. We continue to evaluate and innovate how we are doing to ensure and adjust our plans accordingly to meet our member's needs.
Cultural and Social Experience:
WBYC will provide an unparalleled cultural experience every day, one member and one employee at a time. We continually strive to make decisions in the best interest of our members and all who serve them. We encourage our staff to take initiative, and we support their efforts to deliver exceptional service for all. We will continue to treasure our shared experience, celebrate our achievements and appreciate one another – just like family.
Governance and Leadership:
We will carefully select leaders and committee members to lead WBYC and our board and
members will reinforce timeless policies and governance. Our member leaders understand that their key role is ensuring that strategy and policy reflect our vision, core values and time-honored
traditions. Our board will work hard at ensuring continuity of effort and direction term-to-term to
ensure a bright future for the Club. We will possess the wisdom to plan well and invest well. We also understand the need for regular dues increases and occasional assessments together with overall fiscal responsibilities.
Caliber of Staff and Service:
The quality of our management and leadership is reflected in how our staff is well trained, well
mannered and highly motivated to provide each other and members an extraordinary experience.
The staff members we hire to provide support and service will be top quality in work ethic,
demeanor and performance. We will provide them an excellent work environment and
compensation and an environment in which they can be proud to work.
Membership Quality and Core Values:
The ladies and gentlemen of our membership are the heart and soul of WBYC. They represent the best qualities of the communities in which they live, those that reflect WBYC common values. Our members will celebrate the Club’s heritage and strive to observe time-honored traditions. Our committed members will support Club activities and know the value of attracting prospective members who are equally supportive and compatible and who also value the Club traditions.
Facilities and Amenities:
Our array of special facilities will be maintained to a level of excellence that fulfills our
members’ expectations in every function and activity that makes us great. Through prudent
planning, we invest regularly in maintenance of facilities, equipment and furnishings, and
supervision of the grounds while building reserves for future needs.
Sports and Activities:
We will continue to value our beautiful lakeside venue and our ability to offer sporting activities,
and we recognize our heritage in sailing in the Club’s founding as a Yacht Club. While we will
continue to emphasize excellence and give priority to our renowned Donald Ross golf course,
we will also continue to strive for excellence in swimming and tennis programs and partnership
with the sailing school. Dining and social and fitness activities are key to camaraderie and
building friendships and family memories, and in those areas we will continue to innovate and
provide experiences that please/satisfy member expectations.